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Search Engine Optimization


A web strategy involves several possibilities for the development or optimisation of a social media strategy that will enable you to gain notoriety, control an E-Reputation, build customer loyalty… Social Network Coaching consists of accompanying company managers and communication marketing professionals so that they can control social networks.

A Community Manager Manages Presence On Social Networks. The aim is to improve the visibility of a brand on a daily basis through animations, promotional broadcasting and content interaction.



To choose a tool at the cutting edge of technology, certain main criteria must be respected, such as performance, ecosystem, speed of development and learning curve.

  • The web application does not use essentially the same technology throughout its lifecycle.
  • It is crucial to have stable tools and an active community.
  • The choice of language depends on the tools available: Web Framework, Email Sending Library or Development Tools.
  • Focus on Recent and Comfortable Tools
  • Objective-C is intended for mobile application writing.
  • JavaScript Has Many Assets, It Is Used On The Web And And Android.

Effective Webmarketing Strategies

A Coherent Strategy is Built on a Timeline to Achieve Results. In order to have an effective Web Marketing Strategy, the website must inform Internet users, boost online sales, increase the number of leads, etc…

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing entertains, educates, responds to audience issues and proves a company’s expertise.

Community Management

Community Management

In terms of communication, community management encompasses all actions relating to promotion, commitment, animation…


Advertising Campaigns

To carry out an advertising campaign, media and non-media supports can be used, in addition to the the specialized media channels.

Powerful Web Design

It is important to use a high-performance web design. In effect, a company that neglects the design of its website by offering visitors a website design that does not inspire confidence risks losing 94% of its customers.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design Simplifies Navigation And Improves The User Experience For Mobinautes.

Functional Design

Functional Design enables the creation of a web portal that can meet the objectives of entrepreneurs.

Emotional Design

Emotional Design Provides Consumers and Visitors with a Memorable and Enjoyable User Experience.

Want To Boost Your Sites On Google?

The way you manage a website has a huge impact on its ranking in search engine results. To boost the visibility of a website, like the Shoot Photo website, on Google, you need to design a responsive website that is readable once in a while on your smartphone and computer. A good website should offer a smooth navigation by lightening the content.

Make Your Redesign Project A Success!

For a site to be successful, it is essential to keep it up to date. If necessary, redesign it regularly to perfectly illustrate the added value of the company.

Optimize Performance

Optimize Performance

Optimise the performance of a website by improving its visibility, speed and user experience…

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

It brings together all the methods and solutions for capturing qualified contacts.

Gaining Visibility

Gaining Visibility

Maximise the customer experience by offering them an optimised shopping experience.

Opting for Mobile Webdesign

Mobile First is an approach designed above all for mobiles. This strategy allows for the implementation of a responsible design or a design adapted to smartphones. After Adjusting the Mobile Design, it is easier to design the design of other devices.

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Improving Website Traffic Through Good Search Engine Positioning. The trick to increasing the number of visitors to a website is to diversify the sources of traffic. It will also be necessary to propose several contents. A site is well referenced, like, when its content is regularly updated.